Install Guides

Rear Bump Stops Install: 3rd Gen 4Runner

Step 1. Remove Front Wheels

To begin, pre-soak your old OEM bump stops with Liquid Wrench for easier removal. Then, remove the rear wheels from your truck using jack stands.

Step 2. Remove Old OEM Bump Stops

Remove OEM bump stop using a 12mm socket.

Step 3. Drop Flange Bolt into Front Bump Stops

Drop the flange bolt into your new DuroBumps bump stops and coat the threads with the provided single-use medium (blue) thread locker.

Step 4. Install DuroBumps

Install the new rear DuroBump into the same location the OEM bump stop was removed using a 12mm socket with 3″ extension. Tighten flange bolts until snug, approximately (≈ 15 – 18ft⋅lbs).

Step 5. Reinstall Wheels

Re-install wheel and tighten the lug nuts to 83ft⋅lbs. Repeat steps 1 – 5 on the other side.