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Made in the usa

Bump Stops

USA Made

It’s all made right here!

Built Tough

Designed to last!

Vehicle Ready

Truck-Specific Bolt-On Kits

More Comfortable,
Better Handling Off-Roading.

It’s the real challenge for off-roaders of every skill level; when OEM bump stops are overmatched, the unexpected can turn fun into trouble. After-market options couldn’t deliver performance or fit, but we had a better idea and created DuroBumps. Patent-pending, built-to-last of dual durometer rubber, and vehicle specific with embedded cast-in-place hardware for a secure fit without spacers. Made in the USA for a more comfortable ride in town or on technically challenging trails, without bottoming-out, compressed shocks or bump steer, just safer off-road fun. DuroBumps. Elevate Your Off-Road Experiences.
Tested. Proven. Depended On

Engineered to Last!

We use CAD software for detailed engineering from start to finish for each design. From conceptual design to strength testing, we ensure a detailed manufacturing process and each Bump Stop is compression tested before it leaves our facility.

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Quality Bump Stops for Extreme Conditions

Better Bump Stops. Period

Without Bump Stops installed, severe downward force may transmit into compression of the tire carcass itself, or in an even worse case can fracture a wheel or other suspension components. Our bump stops are designed to come into effect towards the end of the suspension travel, stopping the suspension movement and minimizing bottom outs. DuroBumps are quickly becoming the industry standard in aftermarket Off-Road Bump Stops for Toyota and other communities, we have proven to exceed customer expectations time and time again.


Premium Rubber

Compression Accuracy

Reduce Bottom-Outs

Suspension Protection


Increased Performance

Compression Accuracy

Reduce Bottom-Outs

Suspension Protection

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