Rodeo X Rigs Vol. 7: Rigs on the Water Edition Vallejo, CA

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Rodeo X Rigs Vol. 7 “Rigs on the Water Edition” occurred on August 26, 2023, at Mare Island in Vallejo, CA. The event was scheduled from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and was family-friendly and open to the public. With the event being located on the water’s edge, it made for a beautiful background.

Over 450 rigs and 1,500+ automotive and off-road enthusiasts attended and came together to see their favorite vendors, share stories, and donate towards a great cause, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

rodeo x rigs vol rigs on the water vallejo mare island ca

This was Durobumps’ first Rodeo X Rigs event, and we were excited to attend. We’ve had our eye on previous Trail Wolves and Rodeo X Rigs events and were always impressed with everything about them, from the overall event organization and advertising, attendance size, family-friendly spirit, and charitable cause. These events seriously stand out.

rodeo x rigs vol rigs on the water vallejo mare island ca

We arrived in NorCal a day early to attend a vendor dinner hosted by Pure 4×4. There must have been 20+ of us taking over restaurants and bars. It was a lot of fun. Dinner with Pure 4×4, Optimum Advertising, and King Shocks was a good time! We even had a shuttle service back to our hotel rooms after dinner. Thank You, Nina!

rodeo x rigs vol rigs on the water vallejo mare island ca

The vendor setup for the event was 6 a.m. We arrived a little late due to our fantastic dinner the previous night. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the Trail Wolves Team with big smiling faces and quickly showed our booth setup location.

We had trailered our 2002 Toyota 4Runner to this event. We are excited to show the new Total Chaos suspension setup using Durobumps Premium bump stops. Jonny, my right-hand man, quickly had the booth setup as always and Competition Crusher ready to go. We had a few minutes before the event started, so Jonny and I made our rounds talking with all our friends in the industry who were in attendance representing the best dealers and manufacturers in the country.

The show started at 8 a.m., and attendees were arriving in swarms. The parking lot behind the event quickly filled up, and we had a great flow of people stopping by our booth, sharing their experiences with Durobumps and talking about their builds. It’s crazy how many great friends we’ve made at these events.

rodeo x rigs vol vallejo ca

Many off-road manufacturers and dealers were in attendance, offering special event discounts and showcasing new products coming to market. There were also several food and drink vendors, music, and fantastic rigs on display.

The day went by fast. Before we knew it, 5 hours had flown by, and it was time to pack up. The award for the fastest tear-down goes to Albert and Peter from KING Shocks. They were done in 5 minutes.

rodeo x rigs vol rigs on the water vallejo mare island ca

We want to thank Jason, the founder of Trail Wolves and Rodeo X Rigs, and his entire team, who helped organize this gathering and gave us a place to come together and enjoy the day.

Trail Wolves and Rodeo X Rigs
Photo courtesy of Trail Wolves and Rodeo X Rigs

Everyone needs to keep their eye out for these guys. They are doing big things in the community, and we couldn’t be more proud to help support this event and the many more to come.

Mare Island came alive with the presence of some of the industry’s most renowned vendors, showcasing their best

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Thanks to all our ambassadors who were in attendance!

Photo credit Pure4x4