Install Guides

How to Install Rear DuroBumps: 4th & 5th Gen 4Runner + Lexus GX

Step 1. Remove Front Wheels

To begin, pre-soak your old OEM bump stops with Liquid Wrench for an easier removal. Then, remove the rear wheels from your truck using jack stands.

Step 2. Remove Old OEM Bump Stops

Remove the OEM bump stop using a 12mm deep socket. There are 2 bolts for each OEM bump stop.

Step 3. Drop Flange Bolt into Front Bump Stops

Drop flange bolt into your new rear DuroBump bump stops and coat the threads with the provided single use medium (blue) thread locker.

Step 4. Clean Mud/Debris From Frame

Take a scraper and clean any mud/ debris from the frame.

Step 5. Install New DuroBumps

These bump stops are side specific. The large notch in the castings of the bump stop should face the rear of the truck, towards the wheel. Apply provided thread lock on the new flange bolts and tighten until snug. Do not over tighten.