Install Guides

How to Install DuroBumps Front Bump Stops: 2nd / 3rd Gen Tundra

Step 1. Remove Front Wheels

To begin, pre-soak OEM bump stop with penetrating oil to make removal easier. Pay careful attention to the threaded stud that mounts the bump stop to the frame and the threads of the stud that are exposed beyond the nut.

Following vehicle manufacturer recommendations, use a properly rated jack. Raise the front of the vehicle, and support the frame rails with jack stands. Remove front wheels from truck.

Be sure to use jack stands!

Step 2. Remove Old OEM Bump Stops

Both Passenger and driver side of the vehicle have (2) OEM bump stops per side located on the frame rail above the Lower Control Arm. Remove the rear OEM bump stops with groove-lock pliers, pipe wrench, or similar. Be careful not to break the threaded stud on the OEM bump stop during removal.

Step 3. Clean w/ Scraper

Use a scraper or wire brush and clean any mud/ debris from the frame.

Step 4. Drop Flange Bolt into Front Bump Stops

Insert provided flange bolt into the new front DuroBumps and coat the threads with the provided single-use medium (blue) thread locker.

Step 5. Install New DuroBumps Bump Stops

Install the DuroBumps at the rear of the lower control arm, using a 14mm deep socket. Tighten the bolt until snug (12 – 15 ft. lbs.) Do not over tighten. The OEM bump stop that is located at the front of the lower control arm will remain in place.

Step 6. Reinstall Wheels

Reinstall wheels and lower vehicle back to the ground. Be sure to tighten lug nuts to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.