Install Guides

How to Install DuroBumps Front Bump Stops: 1st Gen Tacoma & 3rd Gen 4Runner

Step 1. Remove Front Wheels

To begin, pre-soak your old OEM bump stops with Liquid Wrench for an easier removal. Then, remove the front wheels from your truck using jack stands. Please Note: DuroBumps to be installed at the rear of the LCA only. Do not install DuroBumps in the front.

Step 2. Remove Old OEM Bump Stops

Remove old OEM bump stops located at the REAR of the LCA with channel-locks, pipe wrench or similar. Ensure you don’t break the threaded stud from the OEM bump stop during removal.

Step 3. Clean LCA w/ Scraper

Take a scraper and clean any mud/ debris from the LCA.

Step 4. Drop Flange Bolt into Front Bump Stops

Drop the provided flange bolt into your new front bump stops. Then coat the threads with the provided single-use medium (blue) thread locker.

Step 5. Install New DuroBumps Bump Stops

Install new bump stops using a 14mm deep socket and ratchet. The notch in the base of the DuroBump should face the wheel. Tighten the bolt until snug (≈ 15 – 18ft⋅lb) Do not over tighten bolt.

Step 6. Reinstall Wheels

Reinstall wheels and tighten lug nuts to 93 ft·lbs or to manufacturer’s recommendations.