Install Guides

How to Install Your Front Diff Bracket Bushings: 3rd Gen 4Runner & 1st Gen Tacoma

Step 1. Remove Skid Plates

Remove any skid plates needed to access the two mounting brackets on the front of the diff. Important Note: Do not remove the metal sleeve from the bracket. Only the rubber grommet itself is removed.

Step 2. Remove Mounting Brackets (x2)

Remove the 2 mounting brackets from the front diff. The driver side bracket has 3- 19mm bolts fastening it to the side of the diff housing. The passenger side has 2- 19mm bolts holding it to the diff.

Step 2A. Remove 19mm Bolt

Next, remove the long 19mm bolt that goes through the front of the diff bracket and frame of the truck using a 19mm socket and 19mm wrench to hold the nut located just above the frame. The diff will stay in place. It doesn’t fall out or anything, just slightly sags.

Step 3. Remove Old Bushings

Now, it’s time to remove the old bushing from your brackets. Heat the metal around the bushing with a torch (propane, acetylene etc.) until it starts to snap, crackle, pop. This sound an indicator that the rubber has separated from the metal sleeve. Continue to heat the metal around the bushing until the bushing can be literally pushed out with a screw driver. Some bushings actually pop out on there own once hot enough.

Step 4. Torch Remaining Rubber

Once old bushing is removed, torch any remaining rubber left over in the sleeve of the bracket and scrap off any debris. It literally wipes off after being torched. This would also be a good time to paint the brackets, adds 5 h.p.

Step 5. Press New Busings into Brackets

Now it’s time to press your new bushing into your clean diff mount brackets. The new bushings are slightly larger in diameter than the diff bracket sleeve. Protect the top of the diff bushing with a rag or piece of cardboard and use a pair of channel-locks to squeeze the new bushings in place. Do not use a hammer to install the bushings. Dawn dish soap or hair spray (like Aqua Net) can be used to lubricate the new bushing to help aid in easy installation. Reassemble brackets to the diff and your done.