DuroBumps 2002 Toyota 4 Runner Overview

DuroBumps 2002 Toyota 4Runner with Total Chaos Factory Width Suspensions

For all the off-road aficionados, Curtis from DuroBumps is back with a deep dive into his iconic 2002 Toyota 4Runner. This isn’t just any 4Runner; it’s a testament to years of passion, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of off-road excellence. Every inch of this rig tells a story, from its custom lighting to its robust suspension.

Curtis has meticulously crafted and fine-tuned each component, making it a standout on any trail. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this remarkable build, showcasing what makes it a true DuroBumps special.

durobumps toyota runner baja designs lights

Lighting the Way with Baja Designs

First up, the lighting. We’re talking a whopping 70,000 lumens, all thanks to Baja Designs. The ONX bar is seamlessly integrated into the grill. And just beneath the headlights? More Baja Designs brilliance with the S1s, Squadron Pros, and XL80s.

Custom-crafted at our shop, the headlights even boast the DuroBumps logo, engraved into a Morimoto D2S 5.0 projector. And for that extra flair? RGB demon eyes, are perfect for those parking lot meets.

toyota runner custom winch bumper with a lb winch

Winch and Custom Front Bumper

The winch is a beast – a Warn Zeon 12K with electronic disengagement. This allows for a sleek integration into my one-of-a-kind front bumper by Tommy Gun Fab. We’ve optimized the approach angle by removing about four inches from the frame rail. The bumper design is unique, mirroring the rear bumper, and has an integrated skid plate.

toyota runner with total chaos suspension factory width

Suspension Mastery

Suspension-wise, we trust Total Chaos. The rig sports factory-width upper and lower control arms from them. Add in shocks from ADS, a three-tube overlapping bypass, and a 2.5-inch coilover shock, and you’ve got a setup ready for any challenge.

And of course, the signature DuroBumps bump stops. Curtis’ 4Runner features tandem DuroBumps, handling up to 3,000 pounds of compression load.

durobumps toyota runner kmc wheels and toyo tires

Tires and Rims

Being a Toyo shop, Curtis’ 4Runner is equipped with 35-inch Toyo MTs. These sit on KMC Impact beadlocks with a raw finish, ensuring style and performance.

durobumps toyota runner sliders underbody protection

Sliders and Underbody Protection

The sides feature robust sliders from RSG, complete with kick-outs. And for that underbody protection? EIM Keith’s lower-link skids and rear-link reinforcements have got us covered.

toyota runner rear bumper with baja design lights

Rear Setup and Performance

The rear boasts Baja Design S2 Pros for backup lights and an RTL light for enhanced visibility. Performance-wise, we’re talking Harrop E-Lockers on both the front and rear, re-geared to 529s for those beefy 35-inch tires.

durobumps toyota runner

A Fresh Look and Feel

Having been with me for about 15 years, this 4Runner has seen its days. But now, it sports a fresh coat of paint, thanks to Sean at Slickshot Paint. Inside, we’ve revamped everything – sound deadening, new carpet, new seats, all while preserving that beloved OEM look.

That’s a wrap on Curtis’ 2002 Toyota 4Runner build. Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let’s chat about the next upgrades we should make!

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