Do you have what it takes?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand rep for DuroBumps. If you’re looking for free products, then move along. If, however, you’re looking to establish a relationship with DuroBumps, then keep reading. Let’s be sure we’re a good fit before getting started.

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Great Brand Ambassadors:

  • Honest and Humble
  • Have a real network of Friends, and Followers
  • Part of a large network of friends in a forum
  • Have a following of at least 5000 on any platform
  • Consistently Promotion of Products
  • Have a website with industry-related traffic
  • Experience in photographing high-quality images
  • Enthusiastic about DuroBumps brand
  • Experience with Suspension Parts and Components

What is in it for you?

  • Durobumps Premium Bump Stops for your vehicle
  • Access to Newley released products
  • DuroBumps Swag
  • Opportunities to test and provide feedback on new products
  • Invitations to have vehicle on display at industry events
If you think you have what it takes to become a DuroBumps Brand Ambassador, fill out the form below. If approved, Durobumps will contact you via your provided email and discuss sponsorship level and ship any product. Please share with the community about your positive experience. This can be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website, etc. Or send back the products if you don’t love them. Simple as that.