We Never Planned to Start a Business.


Off-Roading Isn’t Just a Hobby, It’s Our Passion.

The goal in the beginning was simply to elevate our off-road expectations and experiences. We love our work, sometimes love playing even more, so DuroBumps is that labor of love. Success comes from a better idea and then building it right for all the right reasons. For us, giving people a better, safer, off-road experience isn’t just business, it’s doing what’s right.

What We Needed Didn’t Exist – We Invented It.

Off-road, OEM bump stops were inadequate. The issues for available after-market options included poor fit and control, the need for spacers or shims, lengthy installation and simply unacceptable performance and damage leading to repairs. With our deep experience in the rubber and plastics industries we designed DuroBumps, truly better premium bump stops.

Where Competitors Got It Wrong and Failed.

OEM defenders say theirs are free, and competitors claim their products are just as good. They aren’t, both mean you’ll settle. One size can’t fit all, microcellular foam just can’t take it, hollow rubber air bellows won’t control compression, spacers hide flawed design and mounting made for everything fits nothing. It’s an expensive dead-end leading to failure.

Our Solution Began by Understanding the Problem.

We all know the disappointing OEM bump stops experience: Ruts, boulders, drop-offs cause lack of control, bump steer, and violent, hard bottoming out. It only begins as a hard ride; structural issues and repairs soon follow. It’s no surprise, OEM wasn’t designed for off-roading and cheap after-market one-size-fits-all options only give us one-size-that-fails-all.

Blending Innovation with Proven Best Practices.

3D modelling and expertise in the rubber and plastics industries armed us with the right tools. As our own first customers, Made in the USA became our quality control advantage. No settling or shortcuts, but patent pending dual durometer rubber and embedded cast-in-place metal hardware for a secure fit with multiple size options, stock to lifted trucks.

Start-to-Finish, DuroBumps are Made in America.

Engineered and designed by off-road enthusiasts with real world experience, DuroBumps premium bump stops are built specifically for your vehicle model to deliver real comfort, safety, and control like no other. Even our superior raw materials are Made in America. Experience the difference that American engineering makes, how soft engagement of our patent pending dual durometer rubber gets progressively firmer as the bump stop is compressed, and how distributing the shock load extends the life of other components.

Giving Back by Supporting Our Community.

We don’t promote to look good or drum up media attention. Arizona isn’t just home to our business, we live here. We’re part of the community and proudly sponsor charity events to raise money for children’s causes, trail maintenance, trail cleanup and supporting veterans that have given us all so much. Doing the right thing is also good business.

One Product Grew to Sixteen with More to Come.

Before we imagined launching a manufacturing business, we were sharing results with off-road community friends. Before long, the market came to us. Building custom bump stops that really performed and elevated the off-road experience quickly earned customer trust. With over 16 unique products today, we’re only getting started. Our best is still to come.